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Bollywood Dance Classes

G9 Dance Classes welcomes all children (4years+), teens and adults to learn Bollywood Dance Classes. We feel proud to say that Bollywood Dance Classes is the very first Bollywood Dance Classes in KW region. We are so overwhelmed with so much love and respect from all the communities.

It’s a pleasure to serve our community by offering bhangra and fitness classes.We get to promote and explore our Punjabi Culture in a very positive and healthy environment.

We aim to provide professional training based on Traditional Folk moves. Our highly experienced & dedicated instructors are always on the roll. We focus on promoting a joyful


The word

is the name given to the Indian film industry, originally deriving from ‘Bombay’ (now ‘Mumbai’) and ‘Hollywood’. Mumbai is the home of the Hindi (Indian) film industry which produces more than 1,000 films a year, attracting a much larger audience than Hollywood.

With no set rules, fitness requirement or age restrictions, Bollywood dancing is the perfect way to enjoy freedom of expression and connection with others.